Looking for a Special Book?

“The Peacock & the Palace of 10,000 Magical Mirrors” ~ is this book.

With 130 pages of mesmerizingly beautiful artwork.

& a heart-warming, timeless tale teaching self-love and the inner power to transform.

“An evergreen masterpiece.” – Dan Harding

Who is this book for?

Those who love magical stories.

Each of the 130 pages holds the artwork and the words of the story.

Those who entertain guests with special things.

One of those books that can captivate a guest and bring warmth to your home.

Those who wish to experience excitement & color.

Feel the movement of the characters and intricate scenes unfold.

Those who appreciate special books.

Available in Hardback (our favorite choice), Paperback & Kindle eBook.

Those who want dreams of wonder

Each new page is an artwork to explore and discover each time you open the book.

An Enchanting Tale

Experience a timeless story of a shy peacock’s journey to learn to love oneself.

Magical Landscapes

Be whisked away to far-off land with breathtaking scenery.

Dreamlike Artwork

Feel the beauty of mesmerizing images.

A Memorable Story

Follow the magical twists and turns of the spellbinding tale.

A Vast Kingdom

Find yourself in the strange and wonderful arenas of the Palace, city & surrounding nature.

Mysterious Dreams

Enter the peacock’s subconscious and his journey to remember his inner light.

Meaningful Lessons

Embrace the heart of the story and be filled with love.

Feel the Energy

Come alive with the vibrance of the Great Festival.

Experience Magic

Let your imagination live in a magical realm.

A Beautiful Ending

All hearts, big & small, deserve the grace of trust and self-belief.

A Truly Special Book

For young and old, this precious book holds a lasting beauty.

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Who is that special someone ~ you’d love to gift this book to?

Maybe it is YOU?

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